Having kept a journal since I was a child, my diaries always served as a means to capture my thoughts, opinions and to record significant events (that’s a lot of scary stuff for my children to read one day…) It therefore just felt like a natural progression to start blogging.

My hope for “HumblePye” is to entertain, inform and above all inspire you! Everything achieved by sharing my life’s passions with you…

Passion #1: Career
As a lifelong learner I have always loved working at my career. I was recently very humbled when a former team member (a beautiful Indian woman based in Mumbai) thanked me for a work reference and told me I was “her guru for life”. That prompted me to share my tips and learnings from 20+ years of experience of career building and corporate life.

Passion #2: Health & Wellness
My first career choice was to be a chef but work experience at Wollongong Hospital in the kitchen soon killed that dream!! I still pursed my passion and opted for a food and nutrition science degree which has given me a wonderful career across the globe. I have spent decades looking at health and wellness trends and consider myself to know a thing or two on this subject matter. On a personal level I believe solid health & wellness practice is crucial to a happy life. I take a very balanced approach to diet & exercise and I hope to share with you my perspective on what are sometimes confusing topics. (eg; do I really need to start eating organics?)

Passion #3: Family & Home
A few years ago, I had the opportunity to build a new house. It was a wonderful experience and a dream come true. I feel so grateful to have built a beautiful house with my husband which is home to our three great kids. I love everything to do with home & family; parenting, styling, entertaining, cooking & just general nurturing. Watch out for pics of homemade cakes & decorated dining tables.

Passion #4 Spiritual:
As a person of faith I strongly believe in being connected with something greater that ourselves, whatever you deem that to be. To live a life of faith can be challenging so I look forward to sharing my journey with you.